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Jun. 8th, 2009 @ 09:42 pm

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May. 22nd, 2009 @ 02:04 am

Writer's Block: Close Call May. 22nd, 2009 @ 02:02 am
Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?

Almost falling into the Grand Canyon, overheating in an outdoor hottub during a Texas summer, barely getting hit by taxi's in Manhattan

Mar. 29th, 2009 @ 02:37 am

Hmm... Florida

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Rain Mar. 29th, 2009 @ 02:35 am

Today was actually a bit relaxing, the bf was out most of the day so all I did was catch up watching Season 3 of Big Love. He's passed out drunk tonight, finally free time not being consumed by someone who constantly needs attention it's starting to seem.

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Just testing out LJ on iPod

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» I think I'm coming back
Its been a few years, but I think I'm coming back to LJ
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For 8 months I wore that fucking former engagement ring on a chain around my neck.

Now its off for good!

Put it on in Florida.
Took it off in Florida.
I should just leave it in this fucking state!

I should have taken it off fucking sooner.
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14 people chilling in the sand pits in Kings Park last night... Adam drove my car and I drove Liz's (too much weed, booze, codeine, etc for some people)

Day 3 at the b/f's, not much going on, surprised Victor and Dan got along decently last night after their fight.

We need to ask Victor about the LPSG
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Been all over, was in the city for a while for the pride parade. Trevors party is tomorrow so I'll be in the Bronx.

Told off Jason, Steph told him he never wants to see him again - especially after he tried to get 3 underage girls drunk so he could fuck them.

Victor, Dan, Adam, Me, Nicole, Jon, and the rest of the Kings Park crew offically want nothing to do with Eric or Jason. Dan and Nicole are the next to go I think.

And Diana is a bitch.
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Insomnia isn't fun... 2.5 hours sleep in 4 days, I'm going just a little nuts. Well, at least I have by backstock of Ambien. I wonder how well that mixes with all the other shit I'm on... I'll have to research it.

Called out of work yesterday, really wasn't feeling too well, thats when I got my 2.5 hours sleep, at Adam's house. It sucks I fall asleep on him - my biological clock needs tuning. The South Shore Mall was spinning in circles in my head when I was there... I was SO not feeling well.

Victor finally got a cell, Jason's a bitch. Luke I'm really starting not to be able to stand - but I guess it depends on the environment. His friend Dylan was too quiet to really make a judgement call on... but they were discussing ghosts and the sort... Wiccan's?

Adam and I had a very interesting conversation last night.
Very interesting.

He finally told me something that he REALLY should have told me before I even contemplated a relationship with him. Also explained some of the rumors I heard about him.

And then moved on to a sensative topic. Love.

He thinks I should be using the word since we've been going out 5 months on Sunday, and because he uses it. He even went for the low blow, "Didn't you say it to Chris?". I mean really, talk about hitting below the belt.

I'm not saying it until:
1. I figure out if "love" exists
2. I decide the moment is proper and memorable
3. I mean it

I've only said it to two guys, Nick and Chris, and there was pressure from both to say it. Now I have a boyfriend who according to him has been biting his tongue on it for ABOUT A MONTH. Way to keep secrets Adam. So now I have pressure from yet another boyfriend to say it, and I had to tell him face-to-face yesterday that I'm not saying it till I mean it, and I'm not ready to say it yet. Still have to get into the whole thing about whether love exists or not with him... fun fun.

Ok, just took the Ambien, it looks safe and its my old prescription. I'm gonna finish this before I pass out on the keyboard (I'm not the least bit tired but I'm expecting it to hit me like a brick).
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Chaos chaos.

June 1-6 the evil grandma was staying at my house. Yuck. Gay uncle came over... i think he still wants me and the b/f to go into NYC for drinks with him.

Moms b-day was the 5th, dads was the 9th. Got mom XM Radio. Got dad Sirius Radio.

Work is still a bitch.

Knee is just getting worse... doctor recomended specialists... fucking knee

2 nights ago the volvo became even crappier. Front left tire blew at 55pm between exits SM4 and SM3... needed to get to S3 just to get Adam home. And then SM1 to first be getting to the LIE on the other side of Suffolk... ugh. And while I'm driving after the knee popped out of the socket (popped it back in to drive... only one of me and Adam w/ a license) this happens.

So I call my parents, they basically tell me I'm on my own

So Adams dad drives up to get us, and the tire. One look at the tire shows its shredded... I mean you saw the metal wires going everywhere even. The hole was big enough to fit two baseballs side by side in. This is at 2AM... so I stayed over Adams. Morning was the mechanic, putting the tire on.

Late morning went to Huntington Gay Pride Parade. The local gay politican was there... too bad I'm registered to vote in Florida. Saw so many people. Saw Tofu (Austin's ex). Saw Anthony. Saw Jonny and Kyle... Jonny gave me and Adam hugs... Kyle avoided me at all costs (did the same to Anthony). Cara and I passed, we were so silent. Everyone around us on either side were nervous drama was going to erupt right there, but didn't (yay maturity). Saw Peri and Megan with Cutie and Munchkin, Jen danced in gay pride. Dave from school and his new b/f Anthony were there.

Got Adam to call out of work.

Call with Parents-
Mom: Be home by 8.
Me: I'll be home later, at the parade.
Mom: Parade?!
Me: Gay Pride Parade
*Parents stop yelling*
Mom: Um... ok... we'll see you later
Me: Bye
Mom: Bye

Met Adam's ex Seth. His opening line, "Hi, I'm Seth, I'm the ex so that makes me the evil bitch". Omg QUEEN. But he was cool.

After the parade it was me, Adam, Dave, Anthony, Miguel, Nick, Tofu,

Oh, and I marched in the parade (banner and all) and made out with Adam walking in the middle of a public street with onlookers. Quote "shame on you two making out holding the banner". It was a joking tone of course, from someone marching with us.

Dave, Tofu, Anthony, Nick, Adam, and I went to Subway for lunch. Jen left before that. Later the group of us headed to Daves for parts for my Volvo and Nick's car. To Nicks car, back to mine at Daves. Then in Dave's to various beaches... on one rock-walked well out into the Long Island Sound till me and Dave weren't visible from the beach anymore.

We ended up in Northport, at some point Nick called for weed. The shit was strong. Adam doesn't smoke, everyone else did. Dave puked so Adam drove his car. And oh yea... Tofu and Nick...

Well they fucked in gas right in front of us, first day they met each other.
Yes I just said they fucked in front of us, Tofu on top of Nick. We had to inturrupt them after Tofu came.

Jen was heavily amused when I told her tonight, and I told Austin too. The ex's always hear. Tonight was with Adam, Liz, and Andrew. Liz has a few issues to work out with her mom, Adam's losing his voice... I might be getting it. Andrews been out of it lately.

Spoke to Sharron on the phone, saw Vinnie and Laura for about 15 minutes a few days ago.

Kings Park has Drama. FX the walking alcoholic was starting fights and punching people, including his brother Kieren (whose wheelchair-bound)

Life is just hectic. But now I have Gay Pride parapanalia :-)

Will be in NYC for Gay Pride parade on the 25th, should be fun. Never been to it yet. This parade was my gay pride parade cherry. Marched right past town hall too hehe. Heckerser State Park was full of everything gay. Girls (that for the first few minutes we thought were guys) were playing hack-n-sack. Performances on the stage. Just a massive crowd of people. A few people I showed showed up in drag. Ms. Gay Long Island was there.

Liz had a interesting night that night w/ Genevieve, Andrew, Natalie, and Jason... won't go into it.

And my friends are now a deck of cards. The 4 queens of drama, aces important people, deck is still being built.
Information Card - Dan/Asian (Well cards are made in Asia!)
Ace of Diamonds - Justin (Cherry-popper)
Ace of Hearts - Adam (Of Hearts of course)
Ace of Clubs - Liz (Best friend for many years)
Ace of Spades - Me (Most important card)
King of Diamonds - Nicole (Dating the Queen of Diamonds)
King of Hearts - Jason F (Look at the card to guess the meaning of this one)
King of Clubs - Victor
King of Spades - Dave W
Queen of Diamonds - Dan (Immature Drama)
Queen of Hearts - Jason B (Oddest Drama)
Queen of Clubs - Eric (Whiny Drama)
Queen of Spades - FX (Violent Drama)
Jack of Diamonds - Vinnie
Jack of Hearts - Chris
Jack of Clubs - Andrew
Jack of Spades - Nick S (You'll only get this if you play Fable on XBOX)
10 of Diamonds - Megan
10 of Hearts - Peri
10 of Clubs - Michelle
10 of Spades - Christina
9 of Diamonds - Jen
9 of Hearts - Austin
9 of Clubs - Sharron
9 of Spades - (Inside joke)
8 of Diamonds - Megan
8 of Hearts - Julia
8 of Clubs - Billy
8 of Spades - Jon

to be finished...
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2nd day in a row of overnight at Target.

10PM - 6:30AM... fun fun fun, why the hell can't I fall asleep
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Yesterday was quite the event.

Day started off ok - went to the indian reservation casino with both my grandparents. I was up about $20 (Texas Hold'em Poker + Slots) when I heard by name on the loudspeaker to go to the west gate. I was thinking "OK my grandparents can't find me and are ready to leave". But noooooooooooooooo. I have to find my grandma slumped over, my grandfather panicing, police, security, casino employees, staring onlookers.

Apparently she was feeling dizzy, and my grandfather tried to get her outside - but it was hotter there and standing up only made her dizzier on her, slump, and faint twice. They had grabbed her a chair by the time I got to the doors.

I got to deal with the paramedics, they wanted to take her to the ER but my grandma didn't want to go, my grandpa didn't want her to go saying it had happened before (thats more of a reason for her to go I insisted), and I called my dad to see his opinion.

I call my dad's cell:

Doug: Hi Dad
Mom: It's Mom
Doug: I need dads call on something, get him on the phone quickly
*I hear her scream "Michael! Doug needs you to decide something quickly!*
Mom: Whats going on Doug?
Doug: (speaking really fast) We went to the casino and grandma fainted twice and the paramedics want to take her to the ER and she doesnt want to go and grandopa doesnt want her to go and I want dads opinion on *interupt*
Mom: (in a panic) WHAT?! Grandma is what?
Dad: Whats going on Doug?
Doug: We all went to the casino, Grandma takes blood pressure medication to lower it, it fell too low, she fainted twice, the paramedics at the casino want to take her to the hospital, she doesn't want to go, grandpa doesn't want her to go, I want your input on this. I think she MIGHT be ok if we take her home for rest and plenty of fluids.
Dad: Take her home.
Doug: OK, I'll call you back when I can.
Dad: OK, keep me updated.

My grandfather brings the car up, I ride with her in the back, my Dad calls my cell a few times to speak to her. During the ride she slumps over, so I wake her up, and have her lean on me, trying to keep her talking so she stays awake, trying not to slide around with no seat belt because I'd rather be able to catch her sliding than not. I end up carrying her back into the apartment - she is unable to make it to the den, makes it to the first piece of furniture. A damp cloth on her forehead, we took out the blood pressure machine. It had dropped more:
Systolic - 84
Dyostolic- 44
That is extremely low. Her systolic was nearly half of what a she would have normally had. She became really pale, I had to start to panic. I forced my grandpa to get the phone numbers of her doctors, he didnt give me correct info, and it took me so many tries to get the number from him that by the time I called the right doctor he was gone for the holiday weekend. We ended up calling 911, the living room became the ER for a bit.

5 hours in the ER later, 10 cigarettes later, 15 phone calls later, 20 tests later, 1 doctor bitched out by my grandpa, and 0 things prescribed later we were out of the ER.

I ended up being the only one capable of making dinner - keep in mind I successfully prepared a dinner for 2 picky old people based on what they had in their fridge when we were expecting to go out to eat originally, while on 7 pills of Xanax, which I had taken during the ambulance ordeal to stay calm (thats why I didn't flip on any doctors). Dinner was a success.

Once they were both asleep I needed to go out to calm down. Scott came and got me, first we went to some dead gay bar, then we went to Boom which was a amazing club, better than Coliseium and Cathode to me, and we switched next door to Alibi, where a gay couple from Honduras bought us Pina Colada shots (yes these were both gay clubs). One guy was bilingual, one guy only spoke Spanish, so as Scott spoke to the one who knew English, I spoke to both of them alternated ebtween Spanish and English. We wandered between the two clubs so it was chaotic.

Then we went to a more kinky grungy bar. Cute twinks with chains... oh only if I was single... the things I would have been doing. Cute boys with shirts off were getting free drinks - well in Rome do as the Romans do, so I walked around a club without a shirt for the first time... got such elevator eyes you wouldn't believe. The club had its own little porn shop, with all the fun chains, dildos, collars, etc... it was great. I wanted to get one, but I didn't want to pay for it myself, someone almost bought me a collar, but the one I liked he said wasn't me. So no collar for me.

Ended up at a pizza place where Scott picked up some Air Force guy's number, and tried calling him 3 times within 15 minutes... he'll be here for a week so Scott has time to try him. Scott wants some boy in Tennessee so he won't date anyone down here, and I didn't have to worry about him hitting on me all night.

So that was my night. Got home 4:30AM, woke up 3:30PM today.
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Went to R&R Tea Bar/Funky Buddha Lounge with Mark and Steven to smoke hooka. Scott was the original plans but bailed due to Adderall OD countered by Xanax by his resourceful brain (giggle).

Adam, Liz, Dan, Dan's g/f, Novak, Dan's g/f's friend, and Benjes all chilled at Adams then went to go see X3... the second I leave NY they all get together and actually go somewhere... fucking wonderful.

I need Saturday night plans tomorrow... I wish I hadn't lost Victor's number, I have Jason's but he didnt seem thrilled to be my friend right before I left Florida... probably him and some jealousy issue... w/e on him.

AIM for a bit, then sleep. Its so fucking boiling hot here!
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I'm in Florida now, till the 31st.
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Yay, tomorrow is 4 months of me and Adam!
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Such chaos in the life of Doug.

I don't know if I wrote about it, but Austin's boyfriend was going to try to break up Austin and his girlfriend, and I heard about it because Austins boyfriend Chris (no not the Chris I dated) was annoucing plots at Miguels party (which I wasn't at), but Anthony mentioned it when I saw him at the mall a couple weeks ago when he ran into Adam, who I was going there to meet in the first place.

Now isn't this stupid - Austin confronts him about it and uses my name, instead of waiting to see if he tries anything! Of course he's going to fucking deny it. Jen (Austins girlfriend) has no right to get pissed at me, even though it faded. She just wants to watch Austin go at it with another guy to the point shes going to strain her own relationship with him, and strain his relations with other guys. Last time I give any sort of warning to them - I tried to help and I get accused of trying to break Austin and Chris up. Ummm please. I don't date bi guys, especially ones that have a girlfriend - partially for that very reason! They end up going for girls at the end. Not to mention the obvious, duh, I HAVE A BOYFRIEND ALREADY. What is it they can't get through their heads that I have a boyfriend, and wouldn't date Austin anyway if I was single. Ugh.


So Friday night ended up at the club Traxx with Genevieve, her friend, Liz, and Adam. We got in for free cause Genevieve got us on the guest list, and it was open bar till 12, so 6 drinks later I was nice and drunk, and stepped outside with Adam for a cigarette (I smoke he doesn't). Ran into Dave (Adams ex), Sharron (girl who finially turned Dave bi but he's asking every girl out but her), and a bunch of girls from girl, who now finally met Adam. Also ran into Adam Thomas and Jason Morganbesser from high school... Adam Thomas blew up like a balloon, Jason got even cuter - and thats a feat in itself to do, I mean damn cute. He's straight so w/e.

They originally let Adam in with the camera bag, other people in the club had cameras, and they didn't let him back in with it. Genevieve had the inside connections to the club so I needed to get back inside to her so he could get in.

This is where I start flipping out completely, while drunk.

Knowing the open bar is closed now, and I'm not drinking anymore, I scream at the security guard that my dad has a federal badge, about 6 of my friend run over to try and calm me down. Then I get free, shove past security, go into the club. I find Genevieve, tell her:

"I'm drunk and under 21, my dad has a federal badge, there are people under 18 here, and I have the Suffolk FBI on speed-dial on my phone. They let Adam in with the camera before, and now they're not. You have 5 minutes to get him back in here or I'm taking the club down".

She gets up from the bar and her drink and gets talking to security and others finding a way to get him in, trying to find a place for the camera, while I go back outside to be with Adam who is pissed himself, but is still one of the people calming me down. I had a shitload of alcohol in me, and I'm also prescribed Xanax which I had taken, so I can only imagine what I would have been like otherwise. I was flipping a complete and utter shit, and I think it was right before I was about to call the county office of the FBI to show up that we got Adams camera into Liz's car, and went back in.

I'm dancing I'm grinding, I'm having a good time once Adams back in. The long line of grinding, ooo I knew so many fucking people there, and it was my first time going. I calmed down quickly.

By the next cigarette break, Public Safety was trying to enter the building, and I hadn't made any calls. They were promptly informed by security that its private property, and they would need to get a search warrant to enter, so they basically sat in their cars stupid for a few minutes, then left.

Chilled at the bar till 2, didn't get home till 4:30-5ish, and was almost falling asleep at the wheel.


Saturday was fun. First the mall with Jason, then both of us to Adam's where Liz joined us. Jason left for a girl in Smithtown, so the 3 of us went to get Luke, then to the South Shore Mall. After the Mall, back to Lukes, me and Luke were discussing medications. One interesting part:

Me: "So what are you taking now".
Luke: "Nothing, I swore to never take any again. My last medication almost killed me".
Me: "Tell me it's Abilify".
Luke: "Holy Shit! How did you know?!".
Me: "Second most recent medication - nearly killed me too".

James showed up at Lukes a bit later, then we all walked to Target and back, then all headed from Bay Shore to Kings Park at Dan's house. Adam hates Victor, and Adam and I both hate Eric, both were there. So was Jason again, Dan (well it was his house), Francis, and the kid I don't know the name of (he and Francis left early because Francis was a driver, and is afraid of girls, and Liz was there now).

Liz's car ran out of gas, Jasons car had to go help them en route the liquor run. Cases of beer, Smirnoff, Mikes Hard Lemonade later, we arrive in the sand pits and work on the bonfire. This is by like 11pm. Drunkeness later we have drunken videos, guys pissing everywhere, Jason drunk for like the 2nd time in his life (he got drunk the night before cause we were at the club and he didn't go to the rave in the city he wanted to go to), and Dan with his pants (and occasionally boxers) down more often than they were up.

Passed out at Adam's house, by the time my dad called me the next morning I was on line near the house buying Mother's Day flowers... got home right before they went out for a bit. My mom looked like she was going to be annoyed I stayed out, pulled out the flowers as the neighbors were outside about to talk to the parents, instant save... Mother's Day flowers in front of the neighbors... not even a complaint from either parent... now THATS timing.


Back to the job hunt...
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One more week till 4 months w/ Adam.
The time is really going quick, he agrees.
He saw some of the writing work I can do, he was amazed. He said he was expecting good, but I shocked him with how good it was (kind of like Austins reaction to my photography of the Grand Canyon). Well English and Photography kind of are my strong points.

Only Monday and Tuesday left of school, and yes that includes finals and such. Still working on the fulltime job search at the Smithhaven Mall, one that I can easily quit if I for any reason suddenly need to get off this island.

Ugh people around here suck. They blog on MySpace. Granted I've had a MySpace for years, but its like my livejournal is abandoned and sinking... and this ones been afloat since 2002 (well non-private entrys first came about in this journal in Jan 2003 but thats besides the point). MySpace is slowly taking over Livejournal which blows... but I'll laugh my ass off when Facebook takes over MySpace. I need more livejournal people. Time to search!
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That was from Liz's Party in February
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